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Presenters at Chapter Events since 2009. You may type in a name or part of a name to quickly search the list.

Associate Professor, Department of Social Welfare, UCLA School of Public Affairs; UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
Head of Outreach; Dreamworks/PDI
ZBrush Lead 3D Application Engineer; Pixologic
Chief Creative Officer; Inworld AI

John Gaeta is a legendary Creator / Designer / Inventor who is best known for his Academy Award winning work on the original The Matrix Trilogy.

Animation Supervison; Digital Domain

Erik Gamache is an animation supervisor at Digital Domain who recently completed work on the upcoming film “Real Steel” from director Shawn Levy.


Don Garbutt - is an award-winning film and television composer, producer and music technology expert who has collaborated with numerous internation

Digital sculptor, formerly Gentle Giant

Pianist; Recording artist with David Bowie

Mike Garson is a pianist, who has worked with David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, St. Vincent, Free Flight and The Smashing Pumpkins.

ASTTRO Cognizant Engineer; JPL

Hallie Gengl is a Data Visualization Developer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Tech Editor; The Hollywood Reporter

Carolyn Giardina is tech editor at The Hollywood Reporter, with responsibilities including its Behind the Screen coverage

Darek Gogol attended the College of Art and Design in Lodz, Poland.

architect, planner, and educator as well as a photographer; Founding Director of the School of Art + Design with responsibility for programs in Digital Design, Industrial Design, and Interior Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, NJ

Glenn Goldman is an architect, planner, and educator as well as a photographer.

; JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Zareh Gorjian is the Lead Animator in the Scientific Data Visualization group at JPL.

VFX Supervisor and President; Digital Backlot (now Crazy Horse Effects, Inc.)
Writer/Director/Producer; New Deal Studios

Matthew is widely respected within the entertainment industry for his artistry and business acumen - a rare pairing of skills.

Educator in computer graphics in Computer Science, computer-aided design in Engineering and Architecture, computer animation in Art, and technology strategy in the Business School.; Business School

Since 1966, Dr.

Product Specialist; Ncam Technologies

Lead Application Developer ; UPS

Chief; Guru

John Gwinner has nearly two decades of experience in VR. When he was 16, he wrote a story detailing something similar to the Holodeck.

Digital Effects Supervisor; Sony Pictures Imageworks
Sr. Software Engineer; Sony Pictures Imageworks