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Making of "Loop"

At this year's ACM SIGGRAPH conference, Best in Show went to the short, Loop. And this November 10th we invite you to join us for a special chat with the filmmakers for the The Making of Loop. The event is free, Zoom Registration is required.

Tuesday, 10 November 2020
Virtual Event
Documentary Director / SparkShortsDirector
Pixar Animation Studios
Production Manager / SparkShorts Producer
Pixar Animation Studios
Associate Producer / SparkShorts Producer
Pixar Animation Studios

Every year around this time we do a screening of the best of the Computer Animation Festival at that year's ACM SIGGRAPH conference. But this year has not been like others and this November we will have the filmmakers of the short that won Best of Show at this years CAF talk to us about the process they went through to creat this award-winning film.

Loop, which features a girl with Autism. also gives us the opportunity to talk about this condition which affects 1 in 54 Americans. Early concepts of the disease were shaped by the movie Rain Man and though it's been a long time since, we are still not past it as the series, The Good Doctor, shows.

You must register for this event through Zoom. You will be let in shortly before 6:30pm.

Making of Loop panel discussion

  • Erica Milsom, Director
  • Krissy Cababa, Producer
  • Michael Warch, Associate Producer
  • Danielle Feinberg, Supervising Technical Director
  • Marcella Missirian, Moderator

Autism in Animation/VFX panel discussion

  • Kat Cutright, Academic Dean
  • Erica Milsom, Director Loop
  • Bobby Rubio, Director Float
  • Howie Hoffman, Animation Creative Director
  • Marcella Missirian, Moderator

This event will start right on time. Please join a couple of minutes early to get the full presentation. The presentation will be recorded.
6:30PM - introductions
6:45PM - Screening of Loop
7:00PM - Discussion of the making of Loop with Erica Milsom, the director of Loop
7:30PM - Discussion about Autism, especially in Animation/VFX industries
8:00PM - End


This is a free Zoom event. You must register with Zoom to get access to the event.

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Special Thanks

Chris Wiggum, Erica Milsum, Bobby Rubio, Marcella Missirian, David Siegel, Kat Cutright, Howie Hoffman, Michael Warch, Krissy Cababa, Danielle Feinberg, Sunil Rampersad, Leonard Daly, and everyone else at the Executive Committee of the LA chapter of SIGGRAPH.