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Maziar Farzam

President and Co-Founder
Inhance Digital

Maziar’s passion for the interactive industry is evidenced by the fact that, under his leadership, Inhance has grown from two people and one payment-challenged client to a thriving agency that employs 80 plus people. Maziar has a Master’s degree in Bioengineering and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace emphasis) from Arizona State University. He brings a solid combination of engineering, science and multimedia programming skills, as well as 10 years of development experience, media design and integration on CD-ROM, internet and new platforms. Maziar oversees the interface designs and is still actively involved with the design team. He served as Director of Multimedia Programming at Educational Management Group (a division of VIACOM) before starting Inhance Digital. His enthusiasm and passion for the work is infectious – one of his oft heard phrases is, “I’ve got a great idea!”. Mazi, his wife and their two dogs enjoy walking to work together whenever they can.

Author Penn and Mazi were nominated for the Producers Guild of America’s “Digital 25: Leaders in Emerging Entertainment.”