Upcoming Events

Paul Debevec is one of the most recognized researchers in the field of CG today. LA ACM SIGGRAPH’s  “fireside chat” with Paul and Carolyn Giardina, of the Hollywood Reporter, will allow us a glimpse at the person behind all the innovative scientific work. This event promises to be one of our most popular as Paul always draws a crowd and is constantly in demand to speak at conferences around the world. This program is a virtual event. You must Register and pay with Zoom to attend.

As medical professionals strive to use VR with accuracy: learn from three medical professionals using VR.  VR in the Medical Field will be LA ACM SIGGRAPH's June 8th event. Presenters include:  John Leah, and Andrew Melchior, from 3rd Space Agency; Daish Malani, from Add Life Technologies; and Greg Ruthenbeck, with Exagen Oy.  Kyle Carlin will be the moderator. This event requires registration with Zoom.