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Federico Galavis

Venezuelan-American artist

Federico Galavis is a Venezuelan-American artist currently residing in Los Angeles. Growing up in Caracas with an architect father and an astronomical physicist doctor mother, Galavis was exposed to the captivating world of design and patterns from an early age. His art is profoundly influenced by his upbringing and his home country's rich artistic heritage. 

He employs a modernist style in his work, skillfully blending elements of fauvism, surrealism, and cubism. He fearlessly experiments with a diverse range of mediums, including oils, spray paints, and textured materials, while embracing unconventional canvas sizes and shapes. Through his art, he implores humanity to rebel and liberate itself, offering insightful commentary on human consciousness, equality, inclusivity, and their socio-political implications. 

At the heart of Galavis' message is a celebration of the complexity of the human experience, with a particular emphasis on empowering women. He views men historically as agents of destruction and women as creators. Moreover, Galavis passionately believes in the transformative potential of blockchain technology, which he describes as "a complex set of math and algorithms that reintroduce ethics into humanity." This belief has led him to explore digital and crypto art, immersing himself in the realm of Web#3 since September 2021. 

Galavis's artistic endeavors have garnered extensive recognition, with exhibitions held throughout the United States. His captivating works also reside in esteemed private collections across South America, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. 

Galavis’ art has been featured in many exhibitions and installations, including: “The Extermination of the Venezuelan People: 17 Years of Controlled Regime featured at the Expo Chicago”; "El Tigre", a painted sculpture installed in the City of Malibu in partnership with Malibu Cultural Arts Commission; auctioned at UNICEF Next-Generation Art Silent Auction; featured at prestigious “Chefs Club” at the St Regis Hotel in Aspen. His first full series – a compilation of abstract faces and bodies representing the female spirit, entitled “Mujeres de Mi Vida and Events that Shaped My Life” – was inspired by the history of women and how civilization keeps failing to follow the female power. His art often features "Amarillo, Azul y Rojo," the colors of the flag of his troubled but beloved, suppressed country of Venezuela. Galavis has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and is in private collections in Europe, the US and the Middle East. 


- “CRYPTO WINTER WONDERLAND”, BEEPLE Studios curated by BEEPLE, Charleston SC , December 2023 

- “#TRASHART: NFT GARBOLOGY”, L'Avant Galerie Vossen, Paris France, March/May 2022 

-“A Journey Towards Freedom - A Night for Venezuela, A Night for All”, Show Gallery curated by Margot Ross, Los Angeles CA, May/June 2019. 

-“Curated Pieces” The Aspen Gallery, Fort Lauderdale FL, October 2018/February 2019. -“Raíces” , Chefs Club at the St Regis Hotel, Aspen CO, July/September 2018. 

-"The Extermination of the Venezuelan People: 17 Years of Controlled", curated by Explore Pop-Up Museum at Art Share LA, Los Angeles CA, April/ 2018. 

-"Amarillo, Azul y Rojo #17", Unicef NEXT Generation Auction, Venice CA, March 2017. 

-"El Tigre", Funny Zoo and the Malibu Cultural Commission hosted by Mayor Lou La Monte, Malibu CA,June /October 2019. 

-"The Extermination of the Venezuelan People: 17 Years of Controlled", curated by Tony Karman Expo Chicago, Chicago IL, September 2015. 

-"Woman Formation", Resource Group Show curated by Paris Chong, Los Angeles CA, October 2013/ April 2014. 

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TW: @federicogalavis @museumoffreedom 

IG: @galavisgalavis