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Large-Scale Immersive Environments

The Art and Science of Large-Scale Immersive Environments: Merging Cyberspace with Real Spaces. Come join LA SIGGRAPH and the LA Video Artists Wednesday, June 1, at the Vortex Dome at the Los Angels Center Studios.

Online reservations required

Tuesday, 31 May 2016
450 S. Bixel Street Los Angeles, CA. 90017

6:30-7:30   Social Hour
- 6:30-7:00   Members only
- 7:00-7:30   Members and guests
7:30-7:45   Introductions
7:45-9:30   Presentation


LA ACM SIGGRAPH Members are admitted free. LAVA members, Non-members and AND all Students will be admitted to this event at the special rate of $10. Join the Chapter for the upcoming season online.

All attendees must RSVP. Registration is on a first come, first served basis up until Tuesday May 31, when the RSVP-list will close.

New LA ACM SIGGRAPH members who join the Chapter prior to the event or on-site, and pay the $40 annual membership fee, do not have to pay the $10 admission fee. The chapter accepts checks, cash, or credit cards (Mastercard or Visa only) for all dues or fees.

Special Thanks

Vortex Immersion Media, Ed Lantz, Lilly Vargas; Los Angeles Center Studios; LAVA (Los Angeles Video Artists); and for LA ACM SIGGRAPH, Leonard Daly, Timothy Everingham, Mike Amron, Susan Vanderhyden, Joan Collins, Sheriann KiSun Burnham, and all the volunteers.

And Special Thanks to our sponsors:

Los Angeles Center Studios & Vortex Immersion Media