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Presenters at Chapter Events since 2009. You may type in a name or part of a name to quickly search the list.

ZBrush Lead 3D Application Engineer; Pixologic
Animation Supervison; Digital Domain

Don Garbutt - is an award-winning film and television composer, producer and music technology expert who has collaborated with numerous internation

Pianist; Recording artist with David Bowie

Mike Garson is a pianist, who has worked with David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, St. Vincent, Free Flight and The Smashing Pumpkins.

ASTTRO Cognizant Engineer; JPL
VFX Supervisor and President; Digital Backlot (now Crazy Horse Effects, Inc.)
Writer/Director/Producer; New Deal Studios
Digital Effects Supervisor; Sony Pictures Imageworks
Sr. Software Engineer; Sony Pictures Imageworks
Founding Engineer; Bot & Dolly

Asa is a designer of technology particularly interested in cameras and robots and how they symbios. 

Sequence Supervisor; Luma Pictures
Flame Product Manager, Media & Entertainment solutions; Autodesk

Will is the Flame Family product manager at Autodesk, serving as the interface between customers needs and the Flame development team in Montreal.

Founder; Kognat

Sam Hodge is the founder of the software company Kognat, the maker of Rotobot, the first software to market to make video layers based on a single