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Meet the Startups

Investment in VR and AR Startups in 2019 was over $4.1 billion with the majority of that investment occurring in the US and China. As VR/AR companies strive to increase market share they all share a common goal: Increase the size of the VR/AR market. Hear from the leaders of five XR Startups at LA ACM SIGGRAPH's January event, Meet the Startups. This event requires registration with Zoom.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021
Virtual Event

VR/AR startups, while using similar technology, range widely in their application and audience. Meet the Startups presents 5 startups which focus on a few different domains: Illumix on gaming, TRIPP on wellness, Dreamscape Immersive on accessible VR experiences and education, ScienceVR on education both in the classroom and out, and DreamView on commercial application of AR and 3D modeling.

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6:30-6:40 -- Chapter and Speaker Introductions
6:40-7:30 -- 5 x 10 minute Speaker Presentations
7:30-8:00 -- General Q&A
8:00-8:05 -- Close


Bruce Vaughn - CCO, Dreamscape Immersive

Jackie Lee - Founder, ScienceVR

Kirin Sinha - Founder & CEO, Illumix

Nathaniel Hunter - COO, DreamView

Nanea Reeves - CEO, TRIPP


*Moderated by Elizabeth Cameron



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