ONE Night: EZTV, SIGGRAPH, and Digital Art in West Hollywood

ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, EZTV, LA ACM SIGGRAPH, BARCO, and The City of West Hollywood presents: ONE Night: EZTV, SIGGRAPH, and Digital Art in West Hollywood — An outdoor evening of performance and large-scale digital projections. On the evening of May 31, West Hollywood Park will be transformed into an outdoor public electronic art exhibition space; An outdoor evening of performance and large-scale digital projections accompanied by live dance, and music.

Friday, 30 May 2014
Artist / Producer - Large-scale Site-specific Digital Projecting

ONE Night: EZTV, LA ACM SIGGRAPH, and Digital Art in West Hollywood, is a public art event will include large-scale digital projections onto inflated-surfaces hovering over the West Hollywood Park and exterior walls of the West Hollywood Library.

Held in conjunction with the exhibition EZTV: Video Transfer at the ONE Archives Gallery & Museum, ONE Night explores the contributions of two seminal Southern California based artists’ communities: LA ACM SIGGRAPH and EZTV. Where the exhibition at the ONE Gallery looks at EZTV’s history in supporting queer video, ONE Night calls attention to the spaces’ similarly under-recognized contributions to early digital art. The event will showcase historical digital experimentations alongside contemporary work and performances.

ONE Night is inspired by an earlier projection event organized by digital artists Ron Hays and Joan Collins in March 1988 to celebrate the opening of the Green Building at the Pacific Design Center. The event, Sky Work, similarly included a large inflatable balloon onto which intricate digital projections were displayed. Hays (1946-1991), a fellow at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies during the 1980s, was a pioneer of large-scale visual projections, using then specialized digital technology to produce visuals. An Emmy award winner, Hays’ work was well respected in artistic, commercial, and club contexts, yet his contributions to digital and video production are little acknowledged. ONE Night seeks call attention to Hays and others under-recognized pioneers.

ONE Night will feature new and historical projections by a number of artists with deep ties to both LA ACM SIGGRAPH and EZTV including:

  • Steady State 1989 — Rebecca Allen
  • Larger Than Life 1985 — Dave Curlender and David Goodsell
  • Projection Art — Joan Collins
  • Sunstone 1979 — Ed Emshwiller
  • Digit 1980 — Ron Hays
  • Core 2014 — Kate Johnson
  • Polly Gone 1986 — Shelly Lake
  • Standing Waves 1983 — Michael J. Masucci
  • Inloops 1988 — Vibeke Sorensen

Additionally, ONE Night will premier a live performance by Donna Sternberg & Dancers: Fly-By will feature dancers in duets with flying drones, each equipped with wireless cameras transmitting live video footage. The performance features music by David Raiklin, and a virtual “avatar dancer” transmitting live from The Hague by Vanessa Blaylock. The evening will conclude with a performance by musician Kate Crash.

ONE Night: EZTV, SIGGRAPH, and Digital Art in West Hollywood is presented by ONE Archives, EZTV, LA ACM SIGGRAPH, and the City of West Hollywood. Generous support provided by the City of West Hollywood. Support for Donna Sternberg & Dancers’ Fly-By is provided by Center for Cultural Innovation’s ARC grant and the University of Michigan MCubed grant.

A related panel discussion will take place on Tuesday, April 15th at West Hollywood Library. [Computer Love: Digital Art in West Hollywood]


8-11pm (outdoors)


Admission is free for everyone. All will be admitted free of charge.

Special Thanks

Generous support provided by the City of West Hollywood: Peter Mays, Andrew Campbell, and Michael Che; ONE Archives Gallery & Museum: David Evans Frantz; EZTV: Kate Johnson, Michael J. Masucci, Los Angeles ACM SIGGRAPH: Joan Collins, Mike Amron, Chair; Sharon Eisenberg, Vice Chair; with the Chapter support: Dave Curlendar, Diana Lee, Sponsorship; Harry Kim, drone event photography; Kim Van Hoven, Treasurer and ACM insurance; Leonard Daly, Website, (; Sheri Ki Sun Burnham, SIG-Art, postcard design; Sherry Steele, Secretary; SIG-Art, Jen Zen; Social Media: Dawn Fridrik, Crystal, Laura Hogan, and Shashon; Susan Vanderhyden, Membership; Timothy Everingham, Sponsorship; and all of the Executive Council and all the Volunteers; DONATIONS: Barco, Inc., Chris Prosio the two projectors; and to Personal Creations, Inc., Marc Rosenthal, Watchout playback equipment. And other donations by Julian Leuthold, Barbara Nessim, Nina Rota, Lance Williams, Chris Casady, Robert Gelman, Randall Kirk, Ed Kramer, Tony Longson, Paul Rother, and Donna Tracy.

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