Season 2021

The Chapters Gathering event is a Free six-hour DJ-VJ set on Zoom; Wednesday August 26; at 5:PM – 11:PM PDT.  Starring: J-Walt, Kyle Carlin, Victor Acevedo, Ed Lantz, Audri Philipps, Steve Roach, Heidi Torsvik, Winter Lazerus, Keram Malicki-Sanchez, and Don Garbutt, DJ Selektra, Jamesen Re, Jon 9, Philippe Bergeron, Paul Carey, Jeff Kleiser, and Unity star Kytten Janae. Join LIVE anytime during the event after Free Registration.

Los Angeles Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH together with the Los Angeles Blender User Group presents a special event to mark the release of the newest version of Blender.

Due to #Covid-19, Los Angeles has been under "Safer at Home" and "Safer L.A." Emergency Orders limiting outside activities. That doesn't mean work stops. This panel discussion addresses how various studios are handling their work and helping their employees work from home. Free registration on Zoom.