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Season 2021

The Chapters Gathering event is a Free six-hour DJ-VJ set on Zoom; Wednesday August 26; at 5:PM – 11:PM PDT.  Starring: J-Walt, Kyle Carlin, Victor Acevedo, Ed Lantz, Audri Philipps, Steve Roach, Heidi Torsvik, Winter Lazerus, Keram Malicki-Sanchez, and Don Garbutt, DJ Selektra, Jamesen Re, Jon 9, Philippe Bergeron, Paul Carey, Jeff Kleiser, and Unity star Kytten Janae. Join LIVE anytime during the event after Free Registration.

Los Angeles Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH together with the Los Angeles Blender User Group presents a special event to mark the release of the newest version of Blender.

Due to #Covid-19, Los Angeles has been under "Safer at Home" and "Safer L.A." Emergency Orders limiting outside activities. That doesn't mean work stops. This panel discussion addresses how various studios are handling their work and helping their employees work from home. Free registration on Zoom.


At this year's ACM SIGGRAPH conference, Best in Show went to the short, Loop. And this November 10th we invite you to join us for a special chat with the filmmakers for the The Making of Loop. The event is free, Zoom Registration is required.

We've all been hearing about the growing AI revolution, and already use AI in many different aspects of our lives; our phones, banking, giving photos cool looks. But how will it affect the VFX/Animation industry? This event is free, Zoom Registration is required.

Investment in VR and AR Startups in 2019 was over $4.1 billion with the majority of that investment occurring in the US and China. As VR/AR companies strive to increase market share they all share a common goal: Increase the size of the VR/AR market. Hear from the leaders of five XR Startups at LA ACM SIGGRAPH's January event, Meet the Startups. This event requires registration with Zoom.

As the VFX/Animation industries in Los Angeles continue to evolve, many are looking with growing interest at the relatively new and exciting area of VR entertainment. Come join in our discussion on moving into VR.

Registration is required. All current members will be emailed the Zoom registration link to the event. Once you have registered and approved, Zoom will email you the meeting information. THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY EVENT.

Our world has been heading towards the Age of Robotics for some time, but with COVID, we're now speeding there! Like A.I., robots will influence every part of our life and work, and our industry is no exception. We are pleased to present an amazing lineup of presenters, showing the recent history of robots in entertainment and the robot/computer graphics connection today..and into the future.

This event is free to all. Register through Zoom.


A User’s Guide to Archiving Computer Graphics History

You must register with Zoom to attend. Registration and the event are free.

What is the outlook for careers across the digital media spectrum – from artists to technical directors to producers in VR, games, motion design, film and other media "yet to be invented"? Hear and question a panel of hiring managers and veteran recruiters share the inside scoop on where the jobs are … and where they aren’t. register with Zoom to attend for free.

Kate Johnson (1969-2020) was a hyphenate artist. At the start of spring on March 20, 2021, for the one-year anniversary of her passing, an online experience of performances, memories and interaction will awaken recognition of the multiplicity of Johnson’s achievements in her 50 years. Register with Zoom to attend for free online event.

This event is presented by 18th Street Arts Center and co-sponsored by LA ACM SIGGRAPH.


This panel introduces producers, developers and digital artists to the new world of online events using real-time 3D massively multiplayer online virtual worlds (loosely referred to as “the metaverse”). Panelists will introduce platforms, present case studies and discuss current day challenges and future directions. The panel will be moderated by Chapter Past Chair and PGA New Media Council board delegate Ed Lantz. The event is $10 payable using PayPl during Zoom registration.


Paul Debevec is one of the most recognized researchers in the field of CG today. LA ACM SIGGRAPH’s  “fireside chat” with Paul and Carolyn Giardina, of the Hollywood Reporter, will allow us a glimpse at the person behind all the innovative scientific work. This event promises to be one of our most popular as Paul always draws a crowd and is constantly in demand to speak at conferences around the world. This program is a virtual event. You must Register and pay with Zoom to attend.

As medical professionals strive to use VR with accuracy: learn from three medical professionals using VR. Amazing Folks in Tech will be LA ACM SIGGRAPH's June 8th event. Presenters include:  John Leah, and Andrew Melchior, from 3rd Space Agency; Daish Malani, from Add Life Technologies; and Greg Ruthenbeck, with Exagen Oy.  Kyle Carlin will be the moderator. Register with Zoom.


Join with the old and new Executive Council to plan the 2021-2022 season. We are real excited about the opportunity to begin to plan in-person events. Join us on Zoom to help make this next season exciting. Attend with Zoom