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We've all been hearing about the growing AI revolution, and already use AI in many different aspects of our lives; our phones, banking, giving photos cool looks. But how will it affect the VFX/Animation industry? This event is free, Zoom Registration is required.

Tuesday, 8 December 2020
Virtual Event
Flame Product Manager, Media & Entertainment solutions

Ever wondered what's the difference between Machine learning and Deep learning? Or what's with all these different Neural Networks? To start of our event we'll bring you up to speed and also tell you why 'AI' is not really AI.

We will then be examining some of the ways that current tasks like face simulation, environment creation, animation, and image manipulation, among others, are likely to change. How are things going to change, and when can we expect these changes.

How will AI change the industry in general and how do we stay competitive? Come on December 8th, at 6:30pm and find out!

You must register for this event through Zoom. You will be let in shortly before 6:30pm.


This event will start right on time. The webinar will open a few minutes prior to the start of the presentation. Please join a couple of minutes early to get the full presentation. The presentation will be recorded.

6:30PM - introductions
6:36PM - Introduction to AI, (what's Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks)
6:46PM - DeepFakes: Face simulation/ virtual humans
7:12PM - Environment Creation
7:38PM - Animation
8:04PM - Image manipulation
8:30PM - The future of VFX
8:45PM - End


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