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Presenters at Chapter Events since 2009. You may type in a name or part of a name to quickly search the list.

; Digital Domain

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Artist / Singer / Composer / Performer / Producer; Independent

Heidi Torsvik is a Bergen-based, Norwegian artist/singer/composer/performer/producer with a wide range of artful interests from film to photography

Neil Trevett VP Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA | Khronos President; Khronos / NVIDIA

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Digital artist, Data Scientist, and CEO of Creative Aya; Creative Aya

Faith ‘Aya’ Umoh is a digital artist, data scientist, and CEO of Creative Ayai, a global co-creative art and media software compan


Jules Urbach, Founder & CEO of OTOY will discuss OTOY’s cutting edge light field rendering toolset and platform.

Concept Artist; Chevy

Edwin Ushiro has created imaginative and evocative illustration in his own unique style.

Faculty; CalArts

Théotime Vaillant grew up in a small town in the French countryside.

Digital Environments Lead; Digital Domain

In his four-year career at Digital Domain, Justin van der Lek has already contributed significantly to several blockbuster films.

Chief Creative Officer; Dreamscape VR

Bruce Vaughn is the Chief Creative Officer of Dreamscape VR, which uses the most advanced VR technologies to create an entirely new form of mainstr

Senior Simulation Engineer; Airbus

Abhishek Verma holds a Master's Degree in Computer Graphics from the world’s top-rated video game program - Entertainment Arts & Engineerin

Roman Verostko  

Artist and Professor; UCLA Department of Design Media Arts
Director of the Art Sci center at the School of the Arts & Architecture
California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI)

Victoria Vesna is an Artist and Professor at the UCLA Department of Design Media Arts and Director of the Art Sci center at the Sc

Adaptive Resolution Terrain Reconstruction and 3D Visualization for Mars 2020; JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Marsette Vona develops user interface software with a focus on robotic missions to Mars.

Master of the Metaverse; Spontaneous Fantasia

Master of the Metaverse at Spontaneous Fantasia.  J-Walt is an interactive designer, filmmaker, graphic artist, and composer.

Associate Producer / SparkShorts Producer; Pixar Animation Studios

Michael Warch began at Pixar Animation Studios as a Production Unit Manager in June 2001.

Cinema Technical Sales Specialist; ZEISS

David Warner is a LA-based visual creator, Bronx-raised basketball fanatic and storyteller.

Creative Director; CBS Digital

The founder and executive creative director of CBS Digital, Craig Weiss has been a recognized leader in the visual-effects industry for more than 2

CEO & Creator of Realities; Exelauno

Eve Weston believes in storytelling as a force for positive change.