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Season 2022

LA ACM SIGGRAPH and the EZTV Online Museum presents the FIRST of FOUR - Annual Art Show(s). Co-Hosted by the 18th Street Art Center. The FIRST OF FOUR will focus on the 1980's, with some current work. Presenters include - David Em, Dave Curlender, Coco Conn, Victor Acevedo, Michael Wright, Kate Crash, and Michael Masucci.  The other of FOUR Art Shows will focus on later decades. You must register for free with Zoom registration to attend this Webinar.


Dr. Alvy Ray Smith, co-founder of Pixar, will take us on quick tour through computer graphics from first pixels to modern times.

LA ACM SIGGRAPH presents the VFX of Horror: Achieving Eerie Aesthetics in Film, TV and Games.  The presenters include Johnathan Banta, André Bustanoby, Lilit Hayrapetyan, Jason Hendrich, Todd Masters & Chloe Veillard. Maija Beeton will serve as the moderator. This will be a free live Zoom virtual event.

Meet worldwide innovators from the academic, museum and startup realms, whose projects utilize digital technologies in the service of cultural heritage preservation and issues of historical societal import.

Some are calling Dune the best sci-fi movie of the century! And a big reason for that are it's amazing effects, bound by Denis Villeneuve's vision that they should look real, not over the top just because we can. Heads of all the DNEG departments that worked to make this a reality will speak with us about how they were able to accomplish that goal.

Computer graphics provides opportunities to interact with, calculate and visualize multidimensional space. This is one of our community's important frontiers and has been compared to the revolution of linear perspective during the Renaissance. Join us to explore the visualization of multidimensional space, its evolution in entertainment, and how advanced mathematics offers unique computational advantages.