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A Biography of the Pixel

Dr. Alvy Ray Smith, co-founder of Pixar, will take us on quick tour through computer graphics from first pixels to modern times.

Tuesday, 28 September 2021
Virtual Event

Many of the computer graphics innovations that we take for granted today can be traced back to a handful of pioneers and Dr. Alvy Ray Smith, cofounder of Pixar (among many other titles), is one of them. Alvy will take us on quick tour through computer graphics from first pixels to modern times, sharing fun and sometimes surprising stories, historic images, some lesser known facts and thought-provoking musings. Alvy’s talk will be moderated by Chapter Past Chair and PGA New Media Council board delegate Ed Lantz.


6:00-6:10   Welcome/Announcements
6:10-7:00   Alvy Ray Smith Presentation
7:00-7:30   Audience Q&A


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Special Thanks

In addition to Alvy and producer Ed Lantz, we would like to thank members of the LA ACM SIGGRAPH chapter Executive Council and committee leaders including Sunil Rampersad, Larry Rosenthal, Dave Curlender, Elizabeth Cameron and Joan Collins and Leonard Daly.