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LA SIGGRAPH Presents- Entering the Metaverse : The Software Platforms.

Join Host/Moderator Larry Rosenthal, Vice Chair of LA Siggraph as they welcome Industry Leaders from the Companies that are creating, building and selling the tools for the Metaverse.  April's webinar will focus on the Hardware systems and May's webinar will focus on the Software and tool Platforms. Both Webinars will be presented via Zoom and have a Live VR Meet and Greet afterwards online in the LA SIGGRAPH VR Campus.

Tuesday, 10 May 2022
Neil Trevett VP Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA | Khronos President
Khronos / NVIDIA

7:00-8:30 -- Presentations
8:30-9:00 -- Q+A
9:00-10:00+ -- Meet + Greet at the LA SIGGRAPH VR CAMPUS ( URL given at event in chat window


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Special Thanks

All our invited Speakers, their Companies, and all members of the Executive Council of the LA chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH.