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Ilya is an award-winning director and one of the youngest members of the Director's Guild of Russia.

Faculty; CalArts

Spencer Salazar is a computer musician and researcher currently serving as Special Faculty in the School of Music at California Institute of the Ar

President and Creative Director; Sassoon Film Design

A pioneer in the early 1980's LGBT and Indie film movements, Michael began working in the San Francisco Bay area as a video artist producing a seri

; Giant Studios

Casey Schatz graduated from CalArts in 2002 where he studied photography, theater, and computer graphics.

Animation Director; Sony Pictures ImageWorks

David Schaub, an animation director for Sony Pictures Imageworks has worked in the animation and visual effects industry for more than 15 years.

Nathan has worked on numerous films as a concept artist in the motion picture industry.

CG Supervisor, Special Projects; Sony Pictures Imageworks
Faculty; CalArts

Michael Scroggins received his MFA from CalArts where he has been a member of the faculty since 1978.

Color Pipeline Lead; Sony Pictures Imageworks

Jeremy has been the Color Pipeline Lead at Sony Pictures Imageworks since 2003, focusing on the areas of compositing, color, and lighting.

Immersive Digital Animator ; Vortex Domes

Brianna Amore, aka DJ Selektra, is a multi-talented digital artist that plays an eclectic range of psychedelic, mind-expanding sounds drawn from ye

1979 Frank composed music for the laserdisc Odyssey. The
Music by Frank Serafine.

Creative Director/ Head of 3D; The Mill

Robert Sethi is Creative Director and Head of 3D and leads the Los Angeles 3D department with precision, pragmatism and the constant ability to see

CEO; The Shindler Perspective

Marty Shindler has been providing high level business, strategic planning, and financial consulting to the entertainment industry for 14 years.

VFX Supervisor/Producer; Zoic Studios

Rik Shorten is a VFX Supervisor / Producer at Zoic Studios.

Head of 3D; MPC LA

Head of CG/VFX Supervisor with MPC LA will share the tools and techniques used to create the live action/CG VR adventure, “Goosebumps”.

; Disney

Maryann Simmons received a BA, MS, and PhD in 3D computer graphics from U.C. Berkeley.

Tom Sito is an animator, historian and Professor of Cinema Practice at the University of Southern California.

Vibeke Sorensen is an artist and professor working in digital multimedia and animation, interactive architectural installation, and networked visua

Head of Post Production; Stargate Studios

Jason Sperling is the Head of Post Production for Stargate Studios.