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Dan Platt

Character Modeling Lead
Digital Domain
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Dan Platt is a classically trained anatomical modeler with a career spanning over 20 years in both the digital and practical realms. He joined Digital Domain in 2008 as the modeling lead on “TRON: Legacy” and then transitioned to character modeling lead on “X-Men: First Class,” responsible for sculpting the photorealistic digital models and blendshapes of actors Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon on those films. Prior to joining Digital Domain, Dan created go-motion puppets for “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and radio controlled puppets for “True Lies.” He was also involved in visual development for “I, Robot,” was a modeler and sculptor at Disney Feature Animation and sculptor of the “Star Wars Trilogy” movie poster at Lucasfilm. Dan had a childhood interest in field investigations of hauntings as well as UFOs, Bigfoot and the Lake Champlain monster "Champ”. Later he co-founded Sideshow, Inc., which is still one of the foremost producers of creature collectibles in the world.