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Bonnie MacBird told the story of how the TRON got into development, at the TRON 30th Anniversary Screening at Hollywood's Grauman Chinese Theater i

Visual Effects Supervisor; Mack Art Productions

Kevin Mack is a pioneering Digital Artist and Academy Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor.

Robotics Researcher; NVIDIA

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Collaborator; Robot Prayers with Audri Phjillips

Keram Malicki-Sanchez ("Keram") is a collaborator in Robot Prayers with Audri.

Technical Innovations Manager; The Mill

Tawfeeq Martin is Technical Innovations Manager at The Mill.

Producer, "Signs of Life"; Griffith Observatory

Jake is the producer of "Signs of Life".

Concept artist: Avatar, Real Steel

Vice President, Recruiting & Academic Relations / Animation Artist Management; Sony Pictures Imageworks
Sr. Artist Manager; Method Studios

A graduate of Loyola Marymount University’s film program, Wendy started her career in live action as a Production Assistant and Coordinator for com

Standing Waves 1983 - ARTIST/CURATOR ; EZTV

Michael J. Masucci is an award-winning media producer, video-artist, writer, musician, curator and educator.

Masako Masuda is an award-winning set designer, having designed sets for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Memoirs of a Geisha, A.I., and Jurass

Producer & Content Strategist ; Bridge Arts Media, LLC & Vortex Immersion Media

Kate McCallum is a forward-thinking producer, writer, and digital arts and media strategist with an emphasis in IP development, transmedia and new

Director; Dreamworks

Tom McGrath has been working in the field of entertainment for more than 20 years.

Producer; ABC, Pixel Magic, Netflix

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Head of Studio; Catastrophic FX

Allan McKay is an Emmy award winning Visual Effects Supervisor, originally from Brisbane, Australia - living in Los Angeles, California.

; Disney

Mark McLaughlin got his B.S. in C.S. from the University of New Mexico in 1988 and his M.S. in C.S. from Brigham Young University in 1991.

Director of Rapid Prototyping; LAIKA

Director of Rapid Prototype on ParaNorman, Brian McLean has been instrumental in the development of 3D printer technology for facial animation at L

OpsLab VR/AR Software Lead; JPL

Alexander Menzies serves as a software lead for augmented and virtual reality development in the OpsLab at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Director, CEO; Fusion CI Studios

Lauren Millar is creative director /co-founder of Fusion CI Studios, dynamic fx specialists, in LA & Vancouver.

; nVidia

Phil directs software product management for NVIDIA’s professional middleware at.