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VR + AR = XR: Everywhere in Your Browser

The XR revolution is on your phone and it only requires a browser. You can easily display and interact with 3D content in a virtual or augmented reality experience. This event shows how it's done.

Monday, 12 November 2018
5877 Obama Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90016

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR + AR = XR - Extended Reality) has frequently been difficult to develop, requiring teams of artists, programmers, and level designers; special hardware; applications built and downloaded via stores or media; and requiring special hardware.

XR is now easy(er).

Your phone is now your gateway to an expanded reality. Using your browser you can display virtual content composited with the view from your camera or other virtual content. The Immersive Web, and WebXR, allows people that know HTML and optionally JavaScript to develop fully functional, immersive, Virtual and Augmented reality worlds; you can dive into these worlds with nearly any VR hardware and for AR with modern cell phones; in fact, you can have NO VR hardware and still view the worlds in a 360 video type format.

WebXR makes reality easy(er) to develop.

Augmented reality has more potential reach than Virtual Reality; WebXR allows both applications to run from medium to higher end mobile devices (as well as desktop machines).

In this presentation, Leonard Daly, developer/author of XSeen, and John Gwinner, Author of the book “Getting Started with React VR [360]” will present overviews on the W3C initiative to deliver the Immersive web; overview of Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, and X Reality; why Virtual Reality (and XR) works; what will kill VR; and how with simple HTML and JavaScript coding it is easy(er) to create completely immersive, effective, and high end web worlds. The presentations will include brief introductions to XSeen, React 360, A-Frame, Unity and Unreal engines will be presented; including specifics and code.

The Virtual Surf is now cresting; learn how to ride the wave, and be fully immersed while staying perfectly dry.


6:30-7:30   Social Hour
- 6:30-7:00   Members only
- 7:00-7:30   Members and guests
7:30-7:45   Introductions
7:45-9:30   Presentations


All LA ACM SIGGRAPH will be admitted free of charge. Non-members of LA ACM SIGGRAPH are admitted for $20.00. New LA ACM SIGGRAPH members who sign up on-site, and pay the $40 annual membership fee, do not have to pay the $20 admission fee. The chapter accepts checks, cash, or credit cards (Mastercard or Visa only) for all dues or fees.

Special Thanks

Venue sponsor Phase Two, Leonard Daly, John Gwinner, Sheri Ki Sun Burnham, Chapter Executive Council, and all of the volunteers.