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Jackie Lee

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Jackie Lee, Ph.D. is the founder of ScienceVR ( Jackie is a cross-disciplinary inventor in VR/AR, learning, and Affective Computing. Jackie received his Master's and Ph.D. degrees from MIT's Media Laboratory. Jackie believes that visualization makes things easier and more fun to learn. Jackie and ScienceVR are partnering with MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund, Epic Games MegaGrants, Magic Leap Creator Program, Oculus Start program, and science museums around the world. ScienceVR creates immersive STEM experiences that transform complex concepts into engaging interactions: students learn about electromagnetism with Michael Faraday, how to program the Analytical Engine with Ada Lovelace, or how to play Lewis Carroll’s mind-bending “Game of Logic” with the White Rabbit. Since the pandemic, Jackie has been working on bringing virtual reality into remote learning environments. Jackie received the Virtual World Society's Nextant Rising Star Prize at AWE 2020.