Kyle Joseph Carlin for 2020 Chair

Kyle Joseph

Hello my name is Kyle Joseph Carlin. I am a 32 year old artist, musician, IT projection mapper and graphic designer. I have a passion for empowering others by teaching and sharing arts programs they otherwise would not have access to. I strive to keep the arts community alive because of the healthy and therapeutic expression that the culture brings to communities. I started playing music when I was 12 years old. I learned how to "scream" as an art. I see art as passion, and you cannot fake passion. I have worked with the likes of many talented producers and musicians. I wound up getting involved with "mixing" my passion for technology and arts when I picked up Ableton live and wanted to learn more about electronic music and all its fundamentals. I met a very talented projection mapper and wanted to learn more about this trade so I did. Years later I now work in multiple programs such as (not limited to) Ableton live, Cinema 4d, Notch, Touch Designer, Smode, Adobe suite, to create a near perfect output for my arts. So with that said I would love to be nominated for the simple fact that I like to spread art like wildfire. I like to see communities and people grow from within. I love everything art can project.  

Thank you all for this awesome opportunity!