Sherry Steele 2018 Secretary


Sherry Steele has been Executive Secretary/Assistant Board Secretary to C Level (CEO, CFO, COO) Officers in the legal, communications, and entertainment industries; and CFO, COO and Director in several startup companies.

CFO experience includes legal, accounting and co-management of entrepreneurial transactions such as merger, acquisition, Joint venture, public offerings, shareholder options, investor relations in addition to development of financial projections and business analysis.

COO experience includes management of corporate communications and events; project and program management of product/service development, and general operations management for start-up companies.

Startup companies include publishing, digital media, and communications enterprises; television and theme park development groups along with new venture technology management and development groups. My present activity involves the development of a startup digital media group within a technology development company.

My purpose in volunteering for this position is to minimize some of the effects of a bad economy by helping the membership with job location, and work to increase service and value to members -- in addition to the usual benefits of fellowship. Those members who have stable situations should help those members who temporarily have not.