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DJ Selektra

Immersive Digital Animator
Vortex Domes
Presented At

Brianna Amore, aka DJ Selektra, is a multi-talented digital artist that plays an eclectic range of psychedelic, mind-expanding sounds drawn from years of experience playing live shows at festivals and all night dance parties. From downtempo, to house and techno, to midtempo glitch, to uptempo psytrance and progressive techno, Selektra's style always pushes the boundaries of what's new, exciting, and cutting edge. She is also known for her epic multi-hour long continuous sets that can sometimes go up to 10 hours long.

Selektra is also an immersive digital animator and content creator who is principally involved in the Fulldome and VR industries. She creates immersive 360-degree animated visuals and was one of the artists featured in Mesmerica, which is currently the highest grossing Fulldome show ever produced.