Armen Ra

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ARMEN RA is a World-Class Theremin Virtuoso uses the rich lyrical voice of the Theremin ("Information") when he collaborates with Jon 9.

ARMEN RA plays the Theremin, one of the first electronic instruments created in 1920, and one of the most difficult to play. No one plays it with more intensity, subtle beauty and mesmerizing power than world‐class Theremin Virtuoso Armen Ra. His performances and recordings have earned him the dedication of fans worldwide ‐ both as a soloist and as a collaborator with major musical talents in a variety of genres ranging from classic arias to pop to rock and global folk. His work is infused with spirit and emotion, and propelled by his musicality and extraordinary technique. He has performed with orchestras and on albums and live performances with celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Borns, Nick Cave, Marc Almond and Deepak Chopra.