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Kevin Mack

Digital artist, VR, & VFX pioneer
Kevin Mack Art (

Kevin Mack is a groundbreaking artist and a pioneer of digital art, virtual reality, and visual effects. Mack received the Academy Award for best visual effects for his work on What Dreams May Come (1998). Mack’s art is informed by research in a wide range of fields, from neuroscience to artificial life. He works at the cutting edge of creative technology and uses procedural modeling, artificial life, and artificial intelligence to cultivate emergence in his work. Mack’s artworks have been exhibited at film festivals, galleries, and museums around the world. His VR projects include Zen Parade (2015), Blortasia (2017), Devalaya Rupanam (2020), Anandala (2021) - An Official Selection of the 78th Venice International Film Festival, and Namuanki (2022) - An Official Selection of the 79th Venice International Film Festival and nominated for Best Immersive World in the 2022 Raindance Film Festival. Mack’s new book, Emergent Visions, features artworks that he created using text-to-image AI art tools.

Kevin Mack Art (