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Bonnie MacBird

Screenwriter - TRON
Presented At

Bonnie MacBird told the story of how the TRON got into development, at the TRON 30th Anniversary Screening at Hollywood's Grauman Chinese Theater in October, 2012.  

Bonnie MacBird received her BA in Music and Masters in Film from Stanford. From 1975-79 she was a Development Executive in Feature Films at Universal Studios reporting to President Ned Tanen. During her four years at Uni she read thousands of scripts, and worked as a development executive on nearly all projects in development at that time including Heroes, Car Wash, Smokey and the Bandit, and many more. MacBird left Uni to write and produce with Lisberger Studios, and worked for two years on TRON as the original writer and producer of early test shoots combining live action with animation. She continued to write for film, television and theater, with sales and productions in each of these media. Her production company, formed in 1986 with partner Jim Shasky, garnered three Emmys (two for feature segments in 1986 and '87, and one for the full length documentary "Squeakers" in 2004), as well as many national awards including 11 Cine Golden Eagles. Her original musical "Hot Roles" was a Los Angeles success, as was a later stage production, "The Getaway Cabaret", both of which she wrote and directed. She continues her stage work and most recently wrote five one acts for The Noho Arts Center. MacBird is also a stage and screen actor, who studied Shakespeare at Oxford, and with the renowned Shakespeare and Company in Lenox Mass. Additional training included acting with Don Richardson and Darryl Hickman, improv with Second City and The Groundlings, and voice with Calvin Remsberg and Sue Fink. She teaches screenwriting at UCLA Extension, continues to write for stage and screen, and acts.