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Kyle Carlin

MC Announcer

Kyle Carlin is a musician, IT projection mapper and graphic designer.  He has a passion for empowering others by teaching and sharing arts programs they otherwise would not have access to.  He strives to keep the arts community alive because of the healthy and therapeutic expression that the culture brings to communities.  He started playing music when he was 12 years old. He learned how to "scream" as an art.  He sees art as passion, and you cannot fake passion. He has worked with the likes of many talented producers and musicians. He wound up getting involved with "mixing" his passion for technology and arts when I picked up Ableton live and wanted to learn more about electronic music and all its fundamentals. He learned from a talented projection mapper. He works in multiple programs: Ableton live, Cinema 4D, Notch, Touch Designer, Smode, Adobe suite, to create a near perfect output for his arts. He is the LA SIGGRAPH Co-Chair, as he likes to spread art like wildfire.