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Sharon Eisenberg for 2024 Membership


Sharon Eisenberg, current Membership Chair of the Los Angeles Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH, is running for re-election to the position. She previously served as Membership Chair in 2021-2022. Accomplishments included leading a committee to gather ideas for membership drives, and cleaning up records and creating calculations to easily provide reports numbers of members based on type to present at Executive Council meetings. As part of membership efforts, she also brought up ideas such as grass-roots recruiting at schools with programs that encompass LA ACM SIGGRAPH’s disciplines as well as supported posting events to like-minded organizations.

She started her tenure on the Executive Council back in 2003 when she was elected Secretary. Her love of being involved with Council activities led her to run for and win Vice-Chair in 2004, and then won a run-off election to be Chair in 2005. She produced numerous events during her time as an officer and raised thousands of sponsorship funds. In addition to offices held in Los Angeles, she also was an active member of the San Francisco SIGGRAPH chapter from 1999-2003. She co-produced the chapter’s first ever showcase of both professional and student animation, and was on the juried panel for selecting works to be screened. When she’s not working at her job in technical quality assurance of subtitles, she loves graphic design, making things on her Cricut Maker, and owns a small business, Rollershirts. Most recently, her digital and crafting art was featured as part of the RIDE: Mobility for All exhibition, an event curated by roller skating artist and activist, Elle Seven. She also contributed compositing work to the LA SIGGRAPH sponsored Byte-Sized Digital Miniature show. She also was featured in the book of roller-skating artists Jam Packed: The Art Behind The Rollerskate Movement (available on Amazon.) Sharon is also a proud mother of two adorable tortoiseshell cats, Stardust (for Bowie’s Lady Stardust) and Paisley (for Prince’s Paisley Park).