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April 11, 2023  - 7:00pm PST  Los Angeles

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to have a transformative impact on computer graphics, visual effects, art and entertainment. AI engines for generating images from text are now common, text to video is improving and text to 3D objects and environments is emerging. AI assisted editing including keying, frame-rate conversion and more are growing in popularity, and worldbuilding tools for metaverse environments are now available. Our panel explores the coming impacts of AI in worldbuilding, VFX, user-generated content and more...


  • Faith 'Aya' U., Data Scientist | Digital Artist, Creative Aya
  • Andrew Orloff, Zoic Studios Co-Founder/President
  • Audri Phillips, Digital Artist
  • Andrew Maximov, CEO, Founder at Promethean AI
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