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June 22 -> July 21            Barrett Gallery

Retrospective Digital Arts Exhibition: a 40-year survey with over 20 artists

DNA:  FOURTH of Four  [Annual Artshows]

In DNA: Santa Monica's Digital New Art Festival 2024  FOURTH of Four  [Annual Artshows], we will elaborate with highlights from the previous 40 years of Digital Art to revisit the groundbreaking and often visionary history of the computer-based arts.  

Artists:   Jon 9, Victor Acevedo, Rebecca Allen, Maija Beeton, Paul Brown, Clayton Campbell & Christian Knudsen, Mark Chavez, Coco Conn, Kate Crash, Dave Curlender & David S. Goodsell, Matt Elson, David Em, Federico Galavis, Kate Johnson, Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham, Robert Lowden, Kevin Mack, Michael J. Masucci, Diane Piepol, Patric Prince, Karl Sims, Barbara T. Smith, Vibeke Sorensen, and Michael Wright;   (Joan Collins, Michael J. Masucci, Victor Acevedo; curators).

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Free ZOOM  Virtual Event

6:30 – 7:00 pm  --  Close out 2024 Season, & Welcome new officers

7:00 – 9:00 pm  --  2024-2025 Planning Meeting

It’s that time of year again when LA SIGGRAPH plans our whole year of meetings.  We have the Joint Executive Councils meet to hear ideas and plug them into months,  (September ‘24 through June ‘25).

If you have a Presenter that you would like to see, or a Topic that would be of interest to you, PITCH IT to us.

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