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Penn Authur

CEO and Founder
Inhance Digital

Penn’s lean, mean, get-it-done philosophy has helped Inhance continue to grow and thrive, even when the competition began to shrink and downsize. A catalyzing business figure, Penn is unrelenting in his quest for quality, and strongly believes that clients come first and that success is based upon results. A creative visionary who utilizes the latest tools and techniques from the visual effects and interactive game industries, Penn has 15 years of experience as a lead designer and animator. His traditional art skills, computer science and experience (he’s produced more than 1000 animation and interactive projects) give him a unique viewpoint when it comes to managing clients. He holds a B.A. Arts in Multimedia degree from University of Advancing Technology in AZ. Penn, his wife and three children live precisely 2.5 blocks from the Inhance studios in Los Angeles.

Penn and Mazi Farzam were nominated for the Producers Guild of America’s “Digital 25: Leaders in Emerging Entertainment.”