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Andy Wood

Airship Interactive

Andy Wood – Short Bio

Andy’s background is in animation, games, music and technology; having worked with luminaries such as Peter Gabriel and Brian May. Andy produced the animated video for Peter Gabriel's 'Book of Love'.

Andy was previously CEO of Image Metrics who introduced computer vision performance based facial animation to video games including Grand Theft Auto and feature films including Harry Potter and the Academy award winning The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons.

Andy is the former President, Chair and shareholder of the world leading real-time facial animation company Cubic Motion who were acquired by Epic Games as part of the development of the MetaHuman programme.

Andy gave a TEDx Talk about Digital Humans at Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles in 2019.

He is currently Chair of Airship Interactive who produce award-winning game art for the world’s top studios and for MetaHumans, Chair of Factory Create, the multi-discipline animation studio, Chair of and Chair and CEO of Replikant

Andy is a Fellow of the TriBeCa Film Festival Disruptor Foundation.