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Faith ‘Aya’ Umoh

Faith ‘Aya’
Digital artist, Data Scientist, and CEO of Creative Aya
Creative Aya

Faith ‘Aya’ Umoh is a digital artist, data scientist, and CEO of Creative Ayai, a global co-creative art and media software company producing AI-driven immersive experiences. Her work has been showcased across the world, including Austria, Dubai, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States with Artsy, VellumLA, and W1 Curates. With over 12 years of experience and a master's in Biostatistics and Public Health from Boston University, Aya has developed over a dozen AI-driven software products. She earned a Stanford University BlackAir Grant to develop her first co-creative AI software, which allowed her to imagine and render new worlds based on books and music lyrics. Since then, Aya has designed and leveraged cutting-edge AI technology to create visual narratives that transcend traditional storytelling. Aya's co-created generated visuals explore how technology can be used to reveal artifacts and cultures that have been/are in the process of erasure. Through experimenting with the blend of natural language processing and computer generative rendering, her work invites a dialogue that opens a realm to an alternative speculative interpretation of historically marginalized experiences.