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Karl Sims

  Karl Sims is a digital media artist and visual effects software developer. His interactive works have been exhibited worldwide at the Pompidou Center, Ars Electronica, ICC Museum, DeCordova Museum, Boston Museum of Science, and at MIT. He founded GenArts, Inc. which created special effects software tools for the motion picture industry, and he also held positions at Thinking Machines Corporation, Optomystic, and Whitney/Demos Productions. Karl studied computer graphics at the MIT Media Lab, and Life Sciences as an undergraduate at MIT. He is the recipient of various awards including two Ars Electronica Golden Nicas, a MacArthur Fellowship Award, and an Emmy Award.

Computer Animation:
  Evolved Virtual Creatures, 1994, Demonstration of research results show simulated block creatures performing various evolved behaviors.
  Liquid Selves, 1992, Computer animation of human forms and faces, produced for Art Futura and "Memory Palace" at the World's Fair in Spain.
  Primordial Dance, 1991, Animated sequences created using automatic morphing between "evolved" images.
  Panspermia, 1990, Animation depicting a life cycle of an inter-galactic botanical life form.

Interactive Exhibits:
  Galápagos, 1997, Media installation allowing museum visitors to interactively evolve 3D animated forms. Exhibited at the ICC in Tokyo and the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, Mass.
  Genetic Images, 1993, Allows the interactive evolution of abstract still images. Exhibited at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, and the Interactive Media Festival in Los Angeles.
Technical Papers:

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