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Maximiliane Nirschl

Filmmaker and Immersive Experience Designer

Maximiliane grew up in Bavaria, Germany and started her career working on short film projects, including the award winning docudrama La Famille - one afternoon for the whole life (2017, director, producer) and Door to Freedom (2016, editor). She is passionate about all audiovisual disciplines. In 2018, she expanded her scope to Media Architecture, creating interactive installations such as Nothing exists independently - how trees communicate (2021), and working as a researcher within the field at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She also started exploring fulldome media and graduated with master degree’s in both disciplines from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany (2021 and 2023). In 2022, she was a concept developer for fulldome and exhibitions at the Science Center Visualiseringscenter C in Sweden, working on a fulldome film about AI. Her fulldome films SEEDS (2019) and Cou 175586 Little Warrior (2023) have been shown at festivals all over the world.

Maximiliane is working on a broad range of topics including science communication. She explores them through research, film and multimedia projects, and performances or installations. Her interest lies in studying and creating compelling stories through meaningful immersive experiences, and is always open to all forms of technological realization.