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Robert Lowden


Robert Lowden was born in Buffalo, New York in 1960. 

He was raised in North Buffalo and was often taken in his carriage to The Albright Knox art museum where he was treated to artists such as John Chamberlin, Jackson Pollock and the optics movement in

He later attended SUNY at Buffalo and majored in music. 

Buffalo became deeply depressed in the late 1970's “Rust Belt “ period so Mr. Lowden moved to Southern California where he lived with his relatives Jeff and Bill Burr and began to learn about the horror movie scene while working on such films as “From a Whisper to a Scream “, to the first “Tales From The Hood “. 

At about this time Robert snagged a job at a local service bureau called Raging Fingers and madly gravitated towards Photoshop 1. He accessed the business after hours and mastered the software by doing illustrations for himself. He took these drawings to EZTV where Micheal Masucci put them into a show at their
Cyberspace Gallery. 

Masucci also contacted some people at Warner Bros Audio Books and Mr. Lowden was given several projects including the cover for “ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep “ by Philip Dick. 

EZTV then gave Lowden an internship where he digitally designed the Poster/ One Sheet for Spike Lee's “ Girl Six”. And supplied digital illustrations for various publications. 

After this Lowden contacted the newly formed studio of Dreamworks SKG and was given the task of tutoring predigital master animation artists in the new art of painting digitally for animation. 

It went well and he was then put on contract to digitally paint backgrounds and effects for “The Prince of Egypt“, “Spirit” and “Eldorado.” Also at this time he studied drawing daily under Steve Huston at the studio. He also worked and studied under painters Ron Lucas and Paul Lasaigne who ran the Animation Background department 

Following his Dreamworks experience he worked for Disney Animation on “The Tigger Movie” and “Under The Tuscan Sun“ where he digitally painted matte paintings and backgrounds. 

Mr. Lowden was an oil painter and a sculptor as well, having studied with Raoul Delasota , Olga Seem and Lee Whitten at Los Angeles City College. 

After some years of experiencing the super fluidity of digital painting, his personal oil work and sculpture began to change into a morphic and fluid style that was a direct result of the digital experience. 

To see some of this work... 

His latest pieces are are a short called “ Factory 32” v=50O4E9_6pvc&ab_channel=rlowden100, and another piece for The Getty Museum titled “The Tale of Miniyamba”

Robert Stuart Lowden resides at the Brewery Art Colony in DTLA.