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Christian Knudsen aka Bunnybags

Knudsen aka Bunnybags
Multimedia Artist

Christian Knudsen aka Bunnybags is a multimedia artist currently living in Los Angeles mostly known for his collage, interactive design and video art. His process involves distorting digital imagery in an iterative process called glitching. He is also one of the founding members of ArtGroup LA. Christian believes in “seeking new truths by staring through a distorted lens” and is a founding member of ArtGroupLA, a resource sharing artistic collective.

His methodology to digital art is grounded in the quasi-scientific exploration of culture and technology. An early pioneer of digital glitching, he explored various methods of how manipulating digital media files at their core level can create interesting and unpredictable artifacts and visual effects. He continues to use an array of techniques to distort and recombine his digital collages, through experimental processes involving generating hundreds of drafts that combine the best of the glitches into the final work. 

Christian Knudsen and Clayton Campbell, working out of the 18th Street Arts Center in proximity to EZTV, collaborated in 2005 to establish a methodology to intentionally corrupt digital jpg files. They were in the forefront of glitching, a now prevalent practice that are available on commercial apps for any casual user. But in 2006, with hardly any recognition of glitching as a valuable artist tool, corrupted digital files were viewed more often as mistakes to be deleted, rather than as the enormous visual possibilities that Knudsen and Campbell saw in them. They were among a handful of artists in the forefront of the experimentation going on with the disruption of digital files meant for photography in the United States, Asia, and Europe at that time.