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Doug Jacobson

Big Rock Creative/BRCvr

Doug is a co-founder of Big Rock Creative, a XR company producing large scale events in VR. Big Rock’s first large project, BRCvr, created a fully immersive Burning Man festival in social VR starting in 2020 which generated much positive PR including an article in Wired Magazine. He has since worked on projects ranging from directing an XR music video featuring Pitbull, to throwing an event-packed 3-day New Years Eve event, to facilitating a Hollywood red carpet premiere in VR.  

Doug’s background is in the film industry, he graduated from USC film school in the 90s with honors. Over the course of his career, Doug has written, directed, produced, and edited several festival award-winning narratives and documentaries.  His most notorious documentary features the Burning Man festival called, Journey to the Flames which has been screened nationally and internationally. His other feature-length docs include Faire: An American Renaissance and The Secret Lives of Adult Stars, and co-edited the award-winning short doc Selling Lies. He’s also had a long career as an award winning editor including TV and film.  

Doug is also one of the founders of the “Black Rock Yearbook”, which is one of the largest and longest-running photography projects in Burning Man history. Every year, he produces the Yearbook - a photo book filled with thousands of individual Black Rock City Participants, group camp photos and art. A lover of technology and new ways of story telling, Doug has been spending time in VR - shooting 3D video, building worlds, and guiding new users thru Alternative realities in digital space.