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Coco Conn

Digital Artist
Los Angeles ACM SIGGRAPH 1980's Chair

Coco produced the original SIG KIDS on November 11, 1986 for LA ACM SIGGRAPH.

Kids and LA SIGGRAPH Members came out in the hundreds to EZTV 8547 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA.

The SIGGRAPH Conference picked up the idea, and continued it annually.

Coco Chaired the Los Angeles ACM SIGGRAPH group in the 1980's.   She has been a constant driving force in the Digital Arts Community in LA.

Coco's SIGGRAPH Conference activities:

* S86 LA SIGGRAPH Local Chapter SIGKids Computer Arts Fair
* S87 Anaheim SIGKids Panel with LAUSD students
* S88 Atlanta - Submitted an MIT Media Lab Lego Logo sculpture - SIGGRAPH Art Show
* S89 Boston - Produced and moderated 1st SIGGRAPH VR panel Jaron Lanier, Scott Fisher, Margaret Minsky
* S91 Las Vegas - Chaired the Education Technology Panel - w/ Dave Master, Jay Fenton, Warren Robinett, Larry Yaeger
* S92 Chicago - SIGKids Chair, Produced the Learning Lab and Art Exhibit^
* S93 Anaheim - SIGKids Chair, Produced SIGKids Learning Lab^
* S94 Orlando - VROOM / CitySpace in VR CAVE Collaborator with Zane Vella, Chris Cederwall, Tom DeFanti
* SIGKids - Wired 2.04 1994 magazine interview
* S95 Anaheim - Co-Chair International Interactive Communities (2nd Chair dropped out due to family illness, 3rd Chair only worked on the event on-site during the conference)
* S95 Anaheim - CitySpace Project - Collaboration w/ Zane Vella, Jim Thompson, Jim Damiano & David Goldberg
* S95 Anaheim - Produced S95 SIGKids Digital Circus Production Lab^ With Zane Vella et al.
* SC95 - Super Computing Conf. - Produced CitySpace with Wheelchair Interface With Zane Vella, Chris Cederwall. Showcased a Wheelchair Interface with a chin operated navigation tool, designed by Brian Duggan that allowed the physically challenged to help build and navigate the CitySpace model in VR.