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Michael Royce Carroll

Michael Royce
Senior Technical Consulting Engineer

Michael Royce Carroll is a Senior Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel Corporation. Michael enables, consults, and supports developers with the Intel Rendering Toolkit and its constituent libraries, providing high-performance high-fidelity ray tracing compute capability. In the past, Michael's expertise has been in various technical aspects of rendering, heterogeneous computing, performance analysis, and competitive assessment. He has provided technical enabling for OpenCL, SYCL, OpenVINO's Inference engine, Intel VPL, and the Intel® Xeon Phi software stack. Michael represented Intel within the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation as a benchmarking software owner, providing expertise for Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Core™ and Intel Atom® processors, performance instrumentation, and Intel® C++ Compiler. He holds an MS in Computer Science with a focus in Multimedia and Creative Technologies from University of Southern California. He holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Louisiana State University. Michael's first ACM SIGGRAPH annual conference was in 2008.