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Austin Blaisdell

Director of Design | Virtual Strategy | 3D
CrypticLight Studio

Austin Blaisdell - Presentation

Austin will discuss the philosophy & impact around using AI as a toolset. He will present various examples of turning 2D imagery to 3D assets using a plethora of different softwares available. He will discuss the incredible use cases & the importance, as well as, potential dangers of this technology. And finally, will show a 3-minute short film, directed by Austin Blaisdell - All pieces in this film were designed using his unique design pipeline.

Austin Blaisdell - Bio

Austin is a design strategist, director, and developer who uses AI technologies, 3D design solutions, VR/AR, and the entire digital universe to project visions into real life. With a focus in worldbuilding, visual direction, and design solutions spanning various international projects. He employs design systems and strategies within the frameworks of innovative digital tools of various magnitudes, in order to create innovative change & shape ideas from concept to real life. Working across several industries between the world of high-fashion, architecture and technology - to large scale developments of super-cities and immersive content. He is passionate about the equilibrium of humanism, nature, and technology while pushing the world forward by bridging the gap between the digital & physical world with technology, interactive design, and art.