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Leila Amirsadeghi

Senior Program Manager

Leila has over 20 years in Entertainment, Technology & Event Production developing digital products across mobile, web, OTT, AR & VR, while launching award-winning marketing campaigns for brands and startups. Her experience includes working with Microsoft, Two Bit Circus, Disney, Cleanbox Technology, Warner Bros, Meow Wolf and Universal Studios.

Leila has produced large-scale events and festivals, launched several location-based experiences and was co-creator/producer of the Unreal Garden, the world's first mass mixed reality location-based experience. Planning and producing events and experiences in the virtual and real worlds, including, F.E.A.S.T (immersive dining), BRCv (Burning Man 2020), Baba Yaga (Red Carpet VR Film Premiere), E3 AR pop-up, and more. Leila’s career in immersive started in 2007 with a project for Adobe MAX using projectors and Wii remotes, and an AR experience for Playmates toys in 2008.

Leila is co-author of the book A Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts & Roles of Immersive Media, released in March 2020. Leila leads XR consultancy MESH, is a founding member of Spatial Activations, a creative consultancy launched by Vince Kadlubek (Meow Wolf, and Collimation, a music industry XR production company, serves as the interim CMO at Enklu, and also works with a number of companies as consultant, curator, producer and advisor, including AREA15, LBX Immersive, Keyframe Entertainment and PortalsXR.

Leila is a member of AIXR’s LBE Advisory Board and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in XR. She is working on new pioneering location-based and virtual experiences due to launch in 2021 and 2022. Leila has been a Burner since 2002 and a Black Rock Ranger since 2007.