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XR technologies including VR, digital domes and the metaverse are uniquely suited for delivering deeply meaningful mood-enhancing experiences. Join immersive artists and animators as they discuss the unique challenges of creating XR experiences to enhance well-being.

The panel will be moderated by LA Chapter Past Chair Ed Lantz.

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In-person event in Sherman Oaks (Ventura & Sepulveda).

Almost all movies today have some digital manipulation, as well as many, if not thousands, of VFX shots inserted as well. The task of creating those images of the real world, that will finally be manipulated, rests on the camera lens as its "eye". It's at that first point where the light from the analog world makes its way in and becomes encoded digitally.

We'll take a look at several of the CinCraft tools as well as look at some examples of them in action.

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