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Upcoming Events

June 22 -> July 21          Barrett Gallery

Retrospective Digital Arts Exhibition: a 40-year survey with over 20 artists

DNA:  FOURTH of Four  [Annual Artshows]

In DNA: Santa Monica's Digital New Art Festival 2024  FOURTH of Four  [Annual Artshows], we will elaborate with highlights from the previous 40 years of Digital Art to revisit the groundbreaking and often visionary history of the computer-based arts.  

Artists:   Jon 9, Victor Acevedo, Rebecca Allen, Maija Beeton, Paul Brown, Clayton Campbell & Christian Knudsen, Mark Chavez, Coco Conn, Kate Crash, Dave Curlender & David S. Goodsell, Matt Elson, David Em, Federico Galavis, Kate Johnson, Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham, Robert Lowden, Kevin Mack, Michael J. Masucci, Diane Piepol, Patric Prince, Karl Sims, Barbara T. Smith, Vibeke Sorensen, and Michael Wright;   (Joan Collins, Michael J. Masucci, Victor Acevedo; curators).